Creating Permanent and sustainable agricultural eco systems, utilizing the patterns observed in natural ecosystems.  This post was originally inspired by a meeting in June 2016 at Birkbeck College, University of London in which Geoff Lawton presented his work on Greening the Desert  – – and Hugelkulture and  –  – as well as: Soil for Raised Beds:

Mark Kay, Chief editor at GearTrench, a site that provides in-depth and helpful information about gardening and home decoration, has written in to update our article, saying: I’ve spent some time publishing well researched and helpful articles on getting started with raised garden beds. Here, I have compiled some great topics related to getting started with your own raised garden bed (including precautions one needs to take). Links to relevant research and sources are included. Here are a few of the topics that have been covered so far: Why should you start a raised garden beds? • Types of raised garden bed that you can build • How to prepare the raised garden site for greater success • What are the things you need to check after building a raised bed? And a lot more. We’re hoping to turn this into the best resource on raised garden beds and keep adding to it as we get more comments from trusted sources. The post as it stands now is


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