We’ve survived the lockdown – we hope you have too – and in the process learned a new way to communicate with members and friends far away which we hope to use during 2023 to connect up LETS organisers all over the UK – which encourages us to renew efforts to connect with members of the LETSlink community, wherever you are based.

We to continue to receive enquiries from people wanting to join or start LETS groups, and do our best to link them up with others who live nearby and to support them by hosting an online system if they are happy to work this way. To enable this, we endeavour to keep our local pages up to date in response to information received, and you can find yours via our rather old-fashioned Map Page: www.letslinkuk.net/regions/uk-map.htm.

When you find the page for your county, follow the existing links to LETS groups and/or if you access the link at the foot of the page you can fill in the form with your contact details which will generate an enquiry that local organisers will receive by email.


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